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As OLMA, a. s., truly cares about its customers, it strives to prove the quality of its products by a number of certificates which both the consumers and the vendors perceive as a guarantee of the company’s quality and responsibility toward the environment.

IFS certificate

OLMA, a.s. gained the highest level IFS (International Food Standard) certificate in January 2010.

This standard is one of the most demanding in the food industry and is acknowledged by most commercial chains as the highest guarantee of quality. It places special emphasis on production hygiene, correct production processes and quality control. All these elements affect the safety of the end product in a fundamental way. Long-term efforts at establishing a modern plant and a functioning quality control system have led to the company gaining further official accreditation.

ČSN ISO 9001 and ČSN ISO 14 001 certificates

A quality assurance system pursuant to ISO 9001 was introduced in OLMA in 1999, which standardises all production, control and supplier-customer operations and procedures in such a way as to ensure the maximum quality and thus also the competitive advantage of the whole product range.

In 2000, OLMA, a.s. was one of the first food companies in the Czech Republic to gain an ISO 14 001 certificate, which codifies the relationship of the company towards environmental protection with the aim of introducing preventative measures leading towards a decrease environmental burdens and reduction in pollution in line with economic needs and the needs of society as a whole.


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